How do I like the idea of cloning?

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    Cloning as a new technology come to this world in 1998 . It was bring more thing for our lives . Of course, it was include the good part and the part like some other new invention else .

    Firstly, cloning give more new methods to some doctor . Generally, when one people miss his arm during one traffic accident , to cute off it or to make one machine arm was the only choice for him . By cloning , the doctor can make one truly arm which was like his before .

    Secondly, some scientists was worry about the bad effect of cloning . In their thoughts , cloning can make a copy of one person . Take advance of this copy, some people would do any bad thing . In face , some project which was creating a cloning baby are running .

    But in my option , I thing cloning could take more goodnesses for us than its badnesses . Due to develop the cloning, more and more medicines were invented . And some people will be saved who can not be done before now . And it will help us to know more about the life .

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