Is it necessary to develop tourism?

原创 2005年05月15日 00:42:00

When the day is holeday, many peolpe will have one trip with his family. All of that make the foreign tourism trade more and more populor. And in many city, some people argues if against developing the tourist trade are necessary. Because they are worry about that the tourism trade will let more outsider come into the local market. And some bad effect would follow it.

On the other hand, some arguments for developing the tourist trade raise too. They believe that more tourists come into their citys could promote the local economy enhance higher .

In my thought , the openning of tourism trade is necessary. Like the latter of the argument above on, it could make a promotion for the local economy. And it will discrease the unemployement more than before. Beside all arguments here, we must think about the local policy. After all , the decision is control by the govement.

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