SharePoint 2013 中文站点更新列表字段的标题(Title)不能work

本文讲述SharePoint 2013 中文站点更新列表字段的标题(Title)不能work的解决方案...
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SharePoint 中使用Json传递数据到后台的 ashx

最近项目中遇到需要使用Json传递数据到SharePoint后台的 ashx,goole下方案,但遇到不少问题。最终解决了,把遇到的问题和大家分享下。...
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在SharePoint 2013/2010 解决方案中添加 ashx (HttpHandler)

在SharePoint 2013/2010 解决方案中添加 ashx (HttpHandler)...
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SharePoint 2010/2013 创建一个默认值为当前用户的客户化字段

本文讲述如何在SharePoint 2010/2013 中创建一个默认值为当前用户的客户化字段。...
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SharePoint 2013/2010 使用Silverlight client model

本文讲述如何在SharePoint 2013/2010 中使用Silverlight client object model. SharePoint 2013/2010 提供了client object model,涵盖了多种版本: .net, Javascript, Silverlight等。2013 增加一个新的Object Model:  Microsoft.SharePoint.Clie...
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SharePoint 2013 客户端模型(Client Object Model) 调用搜索(Query Search)

SharePoint 2013 客户端模型(Client Object Model) 调用搜索(Query Search): SharePoint 2013 提供客户端调用Search 模型的方式,方便把SharePoint 搜索和其他系统整合。 下面说明如何在一个Asp.net程序中调用SharePoint 搜索:  1. 使用VS2010 新建一个 Web Appli...
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SharePoint server side code use Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll send mail

public static void SendMailByExchange(string from, string to, string serviceUrl, string body, string title, string userName, string password, string domain, bool error) { ExchangeS...
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Impersonate: use specified credential to execute some code in C#

In some scenarios we need run some code under some specified credential: 1. You want to run a windows service which to copy file to a UNC path, but the IT don't let you to use the domain account to r...
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Using the Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq

As we know if we want to query some List items with filters, we need to CAML in the Moss 2007. CAML is powerful and has good performance than get all list item and traverse them to get the items whic...
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Issues when using the Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll connect to Exchange 2010

This article describes how to resolve two issues when using the Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices to send mail   1. Exception Message = "The type initializer for 'Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Strin...
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Power shell Send mail by exchanges server

# Load the Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll which used for commic...
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C# 读取Excel的剪贴板

1. Form1.Designer.cs, 创建winform应用程序,并在form1中替添加一个button 和一个richtext box: namespace WindowsFormsApplication1 { partial class Form1 { /// /// Required designer variable....
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WPF 和 Silverlight 的异同点

本文讨论WPF 和 Silverlight 的异同点, WPF 为微软主推的桌面应用程序(多为C/S结构)技术平台,而Silverlight是微软主推富客户端网页应用程序(多为B/S结构)技术平台。  1. WPF 和Silverlight的类似点: a.       都是支持Xaml 语言的 b.      都支持 DEPENDENCY PROPERTIES c.       都支持通用...
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How to stop the gridspliter when the height or width reach the thresholds

1. Declare three private fields private double scrollChange; private double widthThreshold = 100; private double heightThreshold = 100;   2. Add the events for gridspliter   For how to d...
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Let the ListViewItem wdith update according to the ListView's width

1. Add this code in the control load Decorator borderForSourceListView = VisualTreeHelper.GetChild(this.sourceListView, 0) as Decorator; ScrollViewer scrollViewerForSourceListView = bo...
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