Preparing examination

原创 2006年06月15日 22:12:00

Today, I continue to prepare the examination of college english test band 6 on the 17th, July, 2006. I have participated in the exams 3 times already. But the results wre all too bad. I didin't take part in the recent 2 times tests because I thought the standard examination couldn't test the level of english ability. At present, The test is considered to be available ways t o belance the ability of english in writing by employers except GRE,Toffel and IELTS. So I should pass the examination in order to qualify to interview jobs.

Today, I attach importance to the writing part to exercise.I extracted several sentences from exemples. they are listed as follows:

The reasons for the phenomenon, which are obvious to all, can be listed as follows: first of all,second ,also .   In view of the seriousness of the probloms, effective measures should be taken : for one thing; for another.

It is high time that government should issue strict laws and regulations in order to...   As far as concerned, It goes without saying that .... the faced-paced and market-oriented economy calls for....As is known all.....the negative effects can be shown in the follwing easpects:     first  of all ; what is more...  As is shown in the chart above ,    With the percentage of      drope sharply  to   soar up to..... increase to...there are several reasons that account for .....

I believe that I will pass this times, because I answered the last  examination papers and got satisfied sores. I bilieve myself. Good chance, good scores.



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