MAC OS Partition Failed

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以前使用bootcamp装了一个windows系统,很少试用,现在mac上的硬盘空间不够了,就试用Disk Utility将bootcamp分区删掉了,结果就出现了问题,无法扩大分区:


I had this issue and was also unable to resize my partition. I called Apple Care and spoke with a senior rep. He said that because I had once installed Boot Camp, but had removed it improperly (with Disk Utility instead of Boot Camp Assistant) that one of those tiny Windows partition was still there, even though it doesn't show up in Disk Utility. He said he'd seen this before and every time it couldn't be fixed, the user had removed Boot Camp via Disk Utility.

He said (paraphrasing) to fix the partitions I'd have to back up and re-partition the whole disk. I will update this answer when I've done so.


The solution ended up being to create a Lion install disk, boot from the disk, run disk utility repair on the drive and volume, then resize the partition. Easier than I thought it would be.


Yes - boot to your Recovery HD and use Disk Utility there to perform the operation. If it's missing, you can download and re-install Lion which will recreate the Recovery HD.

It's likely the volume is in use or one file that is open needs to be closed so it can be moved.

如何创建Lion install disk?


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MAC OS Partition Failed

以前使用bootcamp装了一个windows系统,很少试用,现在mac上的硬盘空间不够了,就试用Disk Utility将bootcamp分区删掉了,结果就出现了问题,无法扩大分区: ...
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