Sports Minister Lampooned for Lack of Sporting knowledge

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New British sports minister Richard Caborn has been lampooned by the media after he revealed a startling lack

of knowledge about his country's top sportsmen. Caborn ,appointed in the wake of the June 7 general election,

could not name the captain of the British Lions rugby team touring Australia(Martin Johnson) , any of the country's

top jockeys or the coach of the England cricket team (Duncan Fletcher) .He explained his failure in an interview by

saying he was "more bothered about getting young kids into sport" ,but the press thought Caborn 's performance ...


CDH 5.3.0 一个小任务运行了12个小时的原因。

本来一个小任务,周末定时任务却跑了12个小时,查看日志,满屏都是: 2015-09-13 00:02:51,433 INFO [RMCommunicator Allocator] org.apa...
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Kafka是一个分布式的、可分区的、可复制的消息系统。它提供了普通消息系统的功能,但具有自己独特的设计 Kafka将消息以topic为单位进行归纳。将向Kafka topic发布消息的程序成为pr...
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A Review of Relational Machine Learning for Knowledge Graph

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abercrombie online italia the Japanese steel powerless because of the lack of new stadiums

successfully persuade Italy to abandon the bid.Although the matter was later led to a public outcry,...
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Using ArcGIS for sports analytics

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