Then, we say we have!

原创 2006年06月02日 22:34:00
Although we are full of happiness now, we cannot deny the sadness in the future; although we can talk with each other or play together under one roof, we cannot deny the fact that we should go different way. I almost cannot believe that we will be "stranger" after a 1000 days' getting together, but it's actually! Friends, do you remember that we hold our hands when we suffer from terrible, do you remember one thing called "peace" have gone with us for almost 3 years, even do you remember the special meaning of one drop of tear which have not falled from our eyes, each of these shows that we are one family! However, two people may have one power to be supported to live all life together, but if the number is 30, it can be described by the word "UNBELIEVABLE". So all shows one thing: Hopeing we know each other, hopeing we can get together again after few years, hopeing love will go on! Then, we say we have!

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