TextUML Toolkit is an open-source IDE for UML

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TextUML Toolkit is an open-source IDE for UML that lets you create models at the same speed you write code. By adopting a textual notation, the TextUML Toolkit provides benefits you will not get elsewhere:
  • increased modeling productivity
  • the features you like in your favorite IDE: instant validation, syntax highlighting, outline view, textual comparison
  • live graphical visualization of your model as class diagrams
  • compatible with any tools that support Eclipse UML2 models

Will you only believe it if you see it? Download and install the TextUML Toolkit (it is free!) and run through an easy-to-follow tutorial. Questions and problem reports can be posted on the user forum and issue tracker, respectively.


开此文章,主要是为了记录在使用虐我千百遍,我还待他如初恋的AS的过程中所遇到的各种坑,一来是希望做个记录,方便查找,防止再次踏入同样的坑;二来也希望能帮助到有遇到有跟我相同问题的人。 1,首先每次导入...
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