GUI2Exe is a Graphical User Interface frontend to all the "executable builders" available for the Py

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GUI2Exe is a Graphical User Interface frontend to all the "executable builders" available for the Python programming language. It can be used to build standalone Windows executables, Linux applications and Mac OS application bundles and plugins starting from Python scripts.


  • 24 Aug 2011 Version 0.5.1 released
  • 16 Oct 2009 Version 0.5.0 released
  • 06 Oct 2009 Version 0.4.0 released
  • 05 Feb 2009 Version 0.3 released
  • 21 Oct 2008 Version 0.2 released

What is GUI2Exe

GUI2Exe is my first attempt to unify all the available "executable builders" for Python in a single and simple to use graphical user interface. At the moment the supported executable builders are:

  • py2exe;
  • py2app;
  • PyInstaller;
  • cx_Freeze;
  • bbFreeze;
  • vendorID.


The aim of GUI2Exe was (for me) to create a wxPython GUI tool that unifies and simplifies various standalone executable builders for Python, such as py2exe, py2app, cx_Freeze, etc...

Currently GUI2Exe is under heavy development, I will provide only Python source code for the moment, which can be grabbed from googlecode using any SVN tool available.


Running GUI2Exe using Python requires:

  1. Python 2.4+ ;
  2. wxPython ansi/unicode (unicode recommended);
  3. One (or more) of the Python executable builders;
  4. The bsddb module (it's in the standard library on most Python installations).

Important Note

GUI2Exe is not meant to be installed as site-package with this command:

python install

Nor to be compiled as executable. GUI2Exe should be used as-is, like a normal Python file, i.e., double-clicking on the file on Windows or writing:



Use "Featured Downloads" on the right hand side. For more options and information, go to the Downloads tab.


GUI2Exe has a number of features, namely:

  • Saves and stores your work in a database, displaying all your projects in a tree control;
  • Possibility to export the file, even though you shouldn't ever need anymore to have a file, as everything is done automagically inside GUI2Exe;
  • Ability to change the Python version to use to build the executable;
  • Allows the user to insert custom Python code in the "in-memory" file, which will be properly included at runtime during the building process;
  • Allows the user to add post-processing custom code, which will be executed at the end of the building process. Useful for cleaning up;
  • Possibility to view the full build output coming from the compiler;
  • Allows the user to add data_files (for the executable builders that support this option) either by selecting a bunch of files all together or using a directory-recursive approach, which will include all files and sub-folders in the selected folders as data_files;
  • "Super" tooltips for the users to better understand the various options;
  • GUI2Exe projects can be saved also to a file (and not only in the database): the exported project may then be checked into version control software like CVS or SVN, modified and then reloaded into GUI2Exe;
  • Ability to test the executable: if the executable crashes, GUI2Exe will notice it and report to you the traceback for inspection;
  • py2exe-only: After a building process, choosing the menu Builds => Missing modules or Builds => Binary dependencies, you will be presented respectively with a list of modules py2exe thinks are missing or a list of binary dependencies (dlls) py2exe has found;
  • py2exe-only: Possibility to use UPX compression on dlls/exes while compiling;
  • py2exe-only: Automatic generation of simple Inno Setup scripts;
  • py2exe-only: Support for more keywords in the Target class (i.e., all distutils keywords are now supported);
  • py2exe-only: Easy access to the most recent error log file via the menu Builds => Examine error log file;
  • Easy access to the distribution folder via the menu Builds => Open distribution folder;
  • py2exe-only: A new distribution folder "Explorer" dialog allows to check which PYDs and DLLs are included, and to quickly exclude them and then rebuild the script, with "undo" capabilities;
  • py2exe-only: Support for services, com_servers and ctypes_com_servers (testers required!!);
  • Ability to switch between standard menus and custom FlatMenus (MSW and GTK only);
  • Support for a pure-Python RibbonBar in place of the standard menus (MSW only).

And much more :-D

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