Windows Workflow Foundation 学习笔记 一

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    1.1 the basic tasks, procedures, people and organizations, system informational input and output, policies and rules, and tools needed for each step in a business process
    1.2 WF essentially provides you with a parallel execution path for your code
     2.1 BizTalk Server is designed to integrate multiple businesses, or put another way, to facilitate electronic commerce. WF, on the other hand, is designed to work at the operating-system level and is therefore appropriate for integration into a single application within a single domain.
    2.2 BizTalk is designed for interapplication (multiple applications) use, while WF is focused on intraapplication (single application)
functionality for integration into a single application within a single domain.
    2.3 the primary goal of WCF is to unify the programming model for all electronic communications processes, certainly one could argue a secondary goal of WCF is to implement the Internet standards for Web Services and allow you to build connection-based  ervice-oriented architectures, or SOAs.
    2.4 But for more simplistic “get this data from that Web Service,” or “expose this process as a Web Service” needs, WF is able to help
    3.1 .NET Framework 3.0 runtime components (file: dotnetfx3setup.exe):
    3.2 Windows software development kit, or SDK
    3.3 Visual Studio extensions for presentation and communication ("Orcas")
    3.4 Visual Studio extensions for workflow

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