centos--change the repository to a local directory

原创 2007年10月05日 14:36:00
Because I want to add/remove applications from my local directory in an i386 computer with centos4.5, I have been tried the directions in the forums as belows:
1. backup /etc/yum.repos.d/*.repo and remove them
2. new a local.repo file with the text (the directory is /tftpboot/distro/centos-4-i386):
name=CentOS-$releasever - Local
3. copy all the rpm package of the 4 cds to /tftpboot/distro/centos-4-i386
4. createrepo /tftpboot/distro/centos-4-i386

When I have done the above I still fail to Add/Remove applications with the GUI, it doesn't work. I tested it by adding the vsftpd package, it prompts that pls insert the 3th cd of centos.

For the sake of having reading english and chinese messages about the topic, I found that what I have done is just the popular solution. It's a pity that I still did't get it. Try later!

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