Desperate Housewives(第二季,18-24总结语)

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18. Temptation comes to all of us, whether or not we submit to the depends on our ability to recognize its disguise, sometimes it arrives in the form of an old flame, flary back to life, or a new friend, who could end being so much more, or a young child, who touch off our feelings we didn’t know we had, and so we give in the temptation, or the while knowing come morning, we’ll to suffer the consequences.

19. We have all done something that we were ashamed of, some of us have fallen for the wrong man, some have let go of the right woman, there those who have humiliated their parents, and those was felled their children, yes ,we have all make mistakes that dismissed us , and those we love, but there have the chance if we try to learn from this mistakes, and grow.

20. There is a prayer intend to give strength to people faced with circs instance they don’t want to accept. The power of the prayer ,comes from its insight into human nature ,we ask god to accept things we can not change ,because so many of us rage against life that deals us ,be courage to change the things we can’t ,because so many of us are cowardly , and free to stand up to what is right , the wisdom to know the difference, because so many of us given to despair , and faced to the impossible choose, the good news for those who answer their words ,is that god will hear you and answer your prayer , the bad news is that sometimes the answer is no ,

21.when the truth is ugly, people try to keep it hidden, because they know if reviewed ,the damage they will do , so they concealed with stably walls, or they place behind close doors ,or pretend with clever discusses , but truth no matter how ugly all it emergence , and some one care about , always getting hurt ,and some one else will happy in their pain, and that’s the ugliest truth of all.

22.It is a shocking moment for each of us , that moment we realize ,we are all alone in this word, the family we take for granted , could one day abandon us ,the husband we trust so sincerely  ,may betray us , the daughter we love so deeply , perhaps won’t return to us ,and then we could end up all by ourselves. 

23-24.Beautiful dreams for the future, and quite hopes for a better life, not just for themselves, but for their children too. If I could , Would I tell them what lies ahead ? Would I warning them the sorrow and betray that laying the door? No, from where I stand now ,I see enough of the  road to understand how it must  be traveled, the trip is to keep moving  forward, to let go the fear and regret , and0 keep us enjoy our journey ,that will be over too soon ,yes there will be unexpected bents in the road.  Short surprising we didn’t see coming. But that really the point , don’t you think?

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Desperate housewives

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