Desperate Housewives(第一季,1-7总结语)

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1-2,Yes , As I look back the world I left behind, it all so clear to me , the beauty that wait to be unwilled , the mystery that long uncovered , but people so rarely stop to take a look ,they just keep moving, it’s the shame really , there are so much to seeing ,


3. Yes I remember the world every detail , and what I remember most is how afraid I was , what a waste , you see , to live in fear, is not to live at all. I wish I could tell this who those I leave behind ,but it would do any good? Probably not, I understand know, there will be always who face their fears , and there always be those who run away,


4-5. People by their very nature are always on the lookout for intruders , trying to prevent those on the outside from getting in , But there will always be those who force their way into our lives, just as there will be those we invite in, But that the most troubling  of all , will be once you stand on the outside looking in , the ones we never truly get to know.


6.The search for power begins when we are quite young. As children, we are taught that the power of good triumphs the power of evil, But as we get older, we realized that nothing is ever  that simple. Traces of evil always remain.


7. Competition , it means different things to different people. But whether to friendly rivalry, or fight to the death . The end result is the same . There will be winners, and there will be losers, Of course the trick is , to know which battles to fight, you see, no victory comes without a price.


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Desperate housewives

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一、话说简单 1.为什么安装打印机不能像插电源插座那么简单? 2.人们喜欢简单、值得信赖、适应性强的产品。 3.所有不必要的功能都是要付钱的。 4.是比自行车简单,但是你自己骑一骑试试? 5...

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这是基于HashSet集合的唯一性。 /*  * 编写一个程序,获取10个1至20的随机数,要求随机数不能重复。  *   * 分析:  * A:创建随机数对象  * B:创建一个Hash...


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