who cares your bullshit

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you must be the pathetic loser in your article who lives in a basement wondering if everybody is just like you. If you do not live IN this society long enough, how do you even compare? You think you read some articles about ghettos and political donations, and ran into some losers just like you, then all of sudden you know all about the U.S.? You think you should go back to China tell everybody they should feel pretty good about themselve since comparing to you, they still make some legal income, not work in a restraunt,and NOT live in a basement? If you are not the frog sit in the well, you must a 阿Q. I do not know any Chinese who lives in a basement, but I know many many that have big houses that have been paid in full. China now is equivalent to America in 1920s. Knowing how bad it is give people THE will to move forward. That is what humans are where we are at right now. There is nothing to be shamed of. At very least in the U.S., a loser like you can go to BUY a gun to kill himself. if not successful, you would be sent to a hospital and taken care of without asking for money. Some special arrangement would be made to ensure you would have the courage to live again.In case if you killed youself again in the hospital, your relative may sue the hospital and make a few millions. Obviously, it may not be good for you either since there is really no cure for idiocy. By the way, Nicole Kidman is from Austrilia.

you know nothing but you are barking here!



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bullshit about layer

每一个UIView中都包含一个根CALayer,在UIView上的所有视觉效果都是在这个Layer上进行的,就像肉体很灵魂般如影随形。  1.Layer有很多种,最常用也是最基本的是CALayer,当...

on bullshit

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查看用户的操作系统管理员若想知道某一时刻用户的行为,只需要输入命令w 即可,在SHELL终端中输入如下命令: [root@localhost ~]# w 可以看到执行w命令及显示结果...

Who Is On My Wifi Ultimate v2.1.4

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1. who命令的编写
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Who Moved My Cheese

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