sequence-ID in Dynamic Lookup

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To create a generated key for a column in the target table, select  Sequence-ID in the Associated Expression column. You can associate a  generated key instead of an input port for lookup ports with the Bigint,  Integer, or Small Integer datatype. For Bigint lookup ports, the generated key  maximum value is 9,223,372,036,854,775,807. For Integer or Small Integer lookup  ports, the generated key maximum value is 2,147,483,647.

When you select  Sequence-ID in the Associated Expression column, the Integration Service  generates a key when it inserts a row into the lookup cache.

The Integration  Service uses the following process to generate sequence IDs: 

  1. When the Integration Service creates the dynamic lookup cache, it tracks the  range of values for each port that has a sequence ID in the dynamic lookup  cache. 

  2. When the Integration Service inserts a row of data into the cache, it  generates a key for a port by incrementing the greatest sequence ID value by  one.

  3. When the Integration Service reaches the maximum number for a generated  sequence ID, it starts over at one. The Integration Service increments each  sequence ID by one until it reaches the smallest existing value minus one. If  the Integration Service runs out of unique sequence ID numbers, the session  fails.

The Integration  Service generates a sequence ID for each row it inserts into the cache.


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