error of compiling NHibernate from VS2003

原创 2006年06月13日 10:24:00

when I compiled the NHibernate project that I download from, error occur.  The bug report is "读取密钥文件“../NHibernate.snk”时出错 -- 系统找不到指定的文件".

Two methed to  resolve this problem :

1. Find AssemblyInfo.cs file , delete the line --"[assembly: AssemblyKeyFileAttribute("..//NHibernate.snk")]"

2. In ..NET command line, run "sn -k NHbernate.snk " , you will get the file-- NHbernate.snk  , put the file to correct place, than re-compile the project , OK, successfull!



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