Sesing the Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

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According the Pearl in Programming ,the first correct  dicotomy search  algorithms is coded at 1966 thouth the algorithms is absent at 1946.Believe or not,but i think the followed code is right.
    public void dictomySearch(int[] arrays,int element,int begin,int end){
           if  (arrays[begin] == element) return begin;
          if  (arrays[end]   == element)  return end;
          if  (begin<=end) return -1;
          int mid = (begin+end)/2;
         if (arrays[mid]<element)
            return dictomySearch(arrays,element,mid+1,end-1);
         else if (arrays[mid]>element)
            return dictomySearch(arrays,element,begin+1,mid-1);
        else return mid;


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Data Structures and.Algorithms in Java

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