Regex in Ruby

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Code is as follows:


puts "Email address 405511107\ matches regex of email address"
puts "Email address 405511107\ doesn't match regex of email address"


Executed Result:

Email address matches regex of email address

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Characters in Regex expression

正则表达式(regular expression)描述了一种字符串匹配的模式,可以用来检查一个串是否含有某种子串、将匹配的子串做替换或者从某个串中取出符合某个条件的子串等。 列目录时, dir *....

lisa with match (regex) build in ( 1st version toward scan word)

(match  'main  'cb) (match 'printf 'cb) (match  'name  'cb)   (  match     (  quote  main   )   ...

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