Appstore审核被拒-[0. 4.0 BEFORE YOU SUBMIT: INFO NEEDED]

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Information Needed

We were unable to sign in to review your app with the provided demo account.

We've attached a screenshot of the error message displayed when we attempted to sign in.

Please provide valid demo account details in the App Review Information section for your app in iTunes Connect. Please ensure that the information you provide includes any data necessary to demonstrate the functionality of your app features.

To provide demo account information:

- Log in to iTunes Connect
- Click on "My Apps"
- Select your app
- Click on the app version on the left side of the screen
- Scroll down to "App Review Information"
- Provide information in "Demo Account" and/or "Notes" as appropriate
- Click "Done"
- Once you've completed all changes, click the "Save" button at the top of the App version information page.
- Reply to this message to confirm the availability of a valid demo account and we will continue the review.

While your iTunes Connect Application State shows as Metadata Rejected, we don't require a new binary to correct this issue. Once this information is available, we can continue your review.

App Store 审核被拒的各种原因

1、Terms andconditions(法律与条款)                             作为App Store的应用开发者,你必须接受如下条款:Program Lice...
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APP Store审核被拒 0. 10.0 Before You Submit: Program License Agreement

在做蓝牙项目提交APP Store审核的过程中出现了一个意想不到的被拒原因:                0. 10.0 Before You Submit: Program License Agr...
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背景:                                                              总所周知,appstore审核周期时间特别长,一般一次审核周期是...
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App Store审核2.3被拒问题,及其解决方案!

App Store审核2.3被拒问题,及其解决方案! Guideline 2.3 - Performance We noticed that your app's metadata inclu...
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  • ShellM
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The seller and company names associated with your app do not reflect the name “车猫网” in the app or it...
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1.使用条款 1.1为App Store应用开发者,您必须遵守 ProgramLicenseAgreement(PLA)、人机交互指南(HIG)以及您和苹果签订的任何其他协议与合同。以下规则和案...
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一、App Store应用审核规则 1、审核时间规律 应用提交到App Store的审核周期大概是7-14天,第一次提交的审核(业内将在某应用商店第一次提交称为“首发”,后续的称为“更新”)时间会相对...
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安装RealPlayer 11时遇到错误:lsb >= 3.1 is needed by RealPlayer-

1.下载RealPlayer 11 for linux rpm(RealPlayer11GOLD.rpm),google搜吧...2.安装RealPlayer 11时遇到错误:lsb >= 3.1 i...
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git Please move or remove them before you can merge. 错误解决方案

Please move or remove them before you can merge. Aborting 解放方案
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