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I came up with this problem today and found a solution. The bug occurs because of the $sigcount variable. On the frontpage, the mambot runs one time for each article that appears. So, the $sigcount variable initializes again and again for each article, and the frontpage ends up with different "sig0" div classes.

The workaround i used is as follows....

1) Backup plugin_jw_sigpro.php, located at mambots/content
2) At plugin_jw_sigpro.php, do the following

Find the line

$sigdata = '<style type="text/css" media="all">#sigid'.$sigcount.'.sig .sig_cont {width:'.($_width_final_+20).'px;height:'.($_height_final_+20).'px;}</style>';

Just BEFORE that line, insert the following
$sigmd5 = $sigcount . '_' . md5($mosConfig_absolute_path.$rootfolder.$_images_dir_);

Replace all occurences of $sigcount with $sigmd5, EXCEPT FROM the lines
$sigcount = -1;
$sigmd5 = $sigcount . '_' . md5($mosConfig_absolute_path.$rootfolder.$_images_dir_);
LEAVE THESE LINES AS THEY ARE. ALL OTHER OCCURENCES OF $sigcount need to be replaced by $sigmd5

This solution worked well for me and the modes that I use. I suppose that it works for each and every other mode, but cannot guarantee that. Just do your backup, and try for yourself. If it does not work, rollback to the backed-up version.

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