Test Double

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   Test Double is a generic term for any case where you replace a production object for testing purposes. There are various kinds of double that Gerard lists:

  • Dummy objects are passed around but never actually used. Usually they are just used to fill parameter lists.
  • Fake objects actually have working implementations, but usually take some shortcut which makes them not suitable for production (anInMemoryTestDatabase is a good example).
  • Stubs provide canned answers to calls made during the test, usually not responding at all to anything outside what's programmed in for the test.
  • Spies are stubs that also record some information based on how they were called. One form of this might be an email service that records how many messages it was sent.
  • Mocks are pre-programmed with expectations which form a specification of the calls they are expected to receive. They can throw an exception if they receive a call they don't expect and are checked during verification to ensure they got all the calls they were expecting.


测试问题域: Test Double, 以及为什么Mock之争都争错了方向

全量测试又慢又难以定位错误, 其所需的测试环境的维护成本也很高. 解决方案就是化整为零分别测试. 然而引入新的问题: 测某个"部分"时所需的依赖如何满足. 解决方案是一组被称为"测试替身(Test D...
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Unit Test 学习 -- 基础篇 TestDouble

近日接手一个Unit Test 编写的活,因为之前的开发过程中没有编写相应的Test Code, 在项目开发的后期需要完善之,...
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测试替身(Test Double)的定义

  测试替身(Test Double)的定义  测试替身型别描述Dummy最简单、最原始的测试替身型别。Dummy 没有实作,最常用于需要参数值但不使用它的情况。Null 可视为是 Dummy,但真...
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mapper.xml 常用写法 映射文件中有很多属性,常用的就是parameterType(输入类型)、resultType(输出类型)、resultMap()、rparameterMap()。...
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"Inf2Cat, signability test failed" 错误

VS2012编译KMDF驱动时报出如下错误: Inf2Cat error -2: "Inf2Cat, signability test failed. "Double click to see ...
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《xUnit Test Patterns》学习笔记6 - Test Double

我不知道Test Double翻译成中文是什么,测试替身?Test Double就像是陈龙大哥电影里的替身,起到以假乱真的作用。在单元测试时,使用Test Double减少对被测对象的依赖,使得测试更...
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eMatrix TCL/MQL

http://www.tcl.tk/man/tcl8.5 http://wiki.tcl.tk/tcl;set assemblyid "[mql print bus ASSEMBLY LYU99003...
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vector(mode = "logical", length = 0) as.vector(x, mode = "any")  #下面没写明默认值,所以Usage这里写的就算默认值 is.vec...
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test test test test

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