Children's Day

原创 2005年06月01日 09:44:00

   Today is Children's Day. What gift will I give children.

   When we cheer this day , we are sad for our old now. Treasuring time is important for us. When we were chileren,we hoped that we could grow up.

   This is so funny. Now we are adult,we yearn before day.

   Everyone will die. I'm sad for that.

   But this is truth. We can not change.

   Love today, do more, do more, I will get more.

   Sad more,sad more, I will lost more.
   No fickle now, I always know my defect, but why I always can not change.

   I can apperceive others what they think and whom they are. But what I will do is just that change myself.

  I must make myself be suceesful.

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