access mantis db and some sql for inquiry

原创 2005年03月02日 16:20:00

The mantis is an open source project for bug tracking.  In our project, the db for mantis is mysql.

We can read the bug information from mantis through browser.

But you might hope to access the mantis db for more advance operation if you need do some complex operation for them.

The steps:

1.  Download a mysql client tools. ( I recommend you to use toad for mysql, you can download it from, and it's totally free)

2.  Submit a request to Vincent ( HP network Admin in Innolux project) to register your pc for access the mantis db. The only information you need sumbit is your pc name.  If you really need access mantis db in your job, pls let me know your pc name, I will do it for you.

3. Connect to mantisdb with the following information


Database: bugtracker

Username: luke


4.  Execute your SQL in your mysql client tool

Additionally, you can download myODBC from

It can help you to create a ODBC DNS to access mysql database if you wanna write some vb program to access it. E.G. I made a VBA macro to get bug detail information according to bugid in excel file.

Here is a chinese mysql manual:

The following sqls is used to query bug detail by date.

SELECT, a.severity, a.summary, a.category, a.status,
 a.date_submitted, a.last_updated,b.value,IFNULL(c2.username,'') as assigner,
  c1.username as reporter, a.duplicate_id,,
  (TO_DAYS(now()) - TO_DAYS(a.last_updated)) as notfollowed
 mantis_bug_table a left join mantis_user_table c2 on a.handler_id =,
 bugtracker.mantis_custom_field_string_table b,mantis_user_table c1, mantis_project_table prj
     a.ID = b.bug_id
     AND a.reporter_id =
     AND = a.project_id
     AND in ('Beluga MES','Production_Array','Production_Cell','Production_CF')
     AND a.status NOT in (80,85,90)
     AND DATE_FORMAT(a.date_submitted, '%Y-%m-%d') < '2005-01-01'
ORDER by desc





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