Using a Single Business Pattern with the RUP -part5 (end)

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Using Patterns for e-business during construction
During the construction phase, we develop the design and implementation in line
with the work carried out during the elaboration phase. Patterns for e-business
will further support the activities undertaken at this stage, insofar as new
requirements and changes to the architecture are still possible. Typically, such
changes should be minor, and the need for reevaluation of these patterns will be
While the emphasis during the elaboration phase was on determining the key
requirements influencing the overall architecture, we now concentrate on
creating more detailed implementations, interactively incorporating additional
requirements. This will enable us to:
- Make better estimates for the follow-on iterations.
- Detail the overall specification for the structure and topology of the system.

Using Patterns for e-business during transition
The selection or creation of installation and system management tools typically
comes earlier than the transition phase so that these capabilities can be used
internally. However, they must be finalized before release to the customer, which
occurs in the transition phase.
Several of the Patterns for e-business Redbooks have a chapter on system
management guidelines that provide information for:
- Selecting system management tools
- Selecting systems management processes
- Selecting and defining job descriptions, based on identified roles, to support
the IT system
The Patterns for e-business series Redbooks can also further support building
the production environment by referring to the product installation instruction

This paper shows how Patterns for e-business can be used effectively to help
achieve important goals for each phase in a RUP project.
With Patterns for e-business, we can arrive very quickly at a candidate
architecture through an asset selection process and validate those selections
against the requirements. As the project proceeds, guidance, typically in the form
of Redbooks for specific patterns, is available to guide the further refinement in
the use of the pattern, such as installation and system management.
The use of the Patterns for e-business' assets should increase the overall
technical quality of the system given its reliance on proven software and
hardware product combinations.
In this Redpaper, we have shown how to start from basic business requirements
and define a solution on the basis of a single Business pattern. We illustrated
how this can be applied initially in inception to create an architectural
proof-of-concept, and then refined iteratively through elaboration and later
phases. We demonstrated how Patterns for e-business can contribute significant
value by accelerating the creation of some of the key RUP artifacts. The asset
selection process can be easily integrated into the activities of the RUP, and its
results can be used directly during the creation of the various RUP models. The
assets of Patterns for e-business can deliver a significant part of the proposed
solution and lend themselves very well to integration into an overall solution,
while at the same time, making an important contribution to the overall quality of
the solution.

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