No Matter What

原创 2005年04月23日 13:16:00

no matter what

歌手:boyzone 专辑:by request

no matter what

chica cha ha ha
chica cha ha ha
chica cha ha ha
chica cha ha ha
chica cha ha ha
chica cha ha ha

no matter what they tell us
no matter what they do
no matter what they teach us
what we believe it's true

no matter what they call us
however they attack
no matter where they take us
we'll find our own way back

i can't deny what i believe
i can't be what i'm not
i know our love forever
i know no matter what

if only tears were laughter(ooh)
if only night was day(ooh)
if only prayers were answered
(hear my prayers)
then we could hear god say(say)

no matter what they tell you
no matter what they do
no matter what they teach you
what you believe it's true

and i will keep you safe and strong
and shelter from the storm
no matter where it's barren
a dream is being born


no matter who they follow
no matter where they leave
no matter how they judge us
i'll be everyone you need

no matter if the sun don't shine
( the sun don't shine)
or if the skies are blue
(skies are blue)
no matter what the end is
my life began with you

i can't deny what i believe
( what i believe)
i can't be what i'm not
(i know i know )
i know this love's forever
that's all that matters now
no matter what

no no matter what (no,no matter what)
no,no matter what
that's all that matters to me
(the end)

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