How to configure Win2003 Cluster, SQL 2000 CLuster, IIS Cluster and Exchange 2003 CLuster

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经过将近1个星期的实践,终于完全成功配置和测试了关于Win2003 CLuster, SQL 2000 CLuster, IIS Cluster and Exchange 2003 CLuster. 其中使用了Vmware GSX 3.1 server, Vm-Workstation 5和Virtual Server 2005多种工具进行实践和测试。

1。Host machine:P4 2.4C,512DDR,120G HD,Host OS: Win2003 Server Enterprise Edition En With SP1

2。测试过用两台DC(一台Primary DC和一台Backup DC)的方式进行Win2003 Cluster,SQL2000 Cluster和IIS Cluster的测试(包括VMware和Virtual server2005)

3。测试过用一台机器单独作DC,另外两台member server作Cluster的情况,进行Win2003 Cluster,SQL2000 Cluster,IIS Cluster, Exchange Server 2003 Cluster的测试(包括VMware和Virtual server2005)

4。关于Win2003 Cluster, SQL 2000 CLuster, IIS Cluster and Exchange 2003 CLuster的一般配置,可以参看网上一些文章,比如说这里有比较详细的配置方法,只不过在实际操作测试中有些小小的出入和需要注意的地方,所以特意写下来备忘。



因为Vmware workstation不能建立SCSI的共享磁盘,所以文章里面都说要用Vmware GSX Server 3.1来作,


这个文件,所以直接用Vm来建立的共享磁盘。后来发现直接用Vm Workstation5就可以创建SCSI的磁盘了,

不一定要Vm GSX Server 3.1来作,另外Vm GSX Server 3.1还不能DC上面安装,但是如果你先安装Vm GSX

Server 3.1,然后promote to DC,Vm still can work correctly。

When use Wmware, If you want to share SCSI disk, you must edit the .vmx file mannully by any Text edition tools. Add some script in the .vmx file.

disk.locking = "false"
scsi0.sharedBus = "virtual"
diskLib.dataCacheMaxSize = "0"
diskLib.dataCacheMaxReadAheadSize = "0"
diskLib.dataCacheMinReadAheadSize = "0"
diskLib.dataCachePageSize = "4096"
diskLib.maxUnsyncedWrites = "0"

The most important sentence is "disk.locking = "false" ", otherwise you can run two client OSs who share SCSI disk. The follow is the portion of my .vmx file

scsi0.present = "TRUE"
scsi0.virtualDev = "lsilogic"
disk.locking = "false"
scsi0.sharedBus = "virtual"
scsi0:0.present = "TRUE"
scsi0:0.fileName = "E:/VM-pc/Quorum.vmdk"
scsi0:0.mode = "independent-persistent"
scsi0:0.deviceType = "plainDisk"
scsi0:1.present = "TRUE"
scsi0:1.fileName = "E:/VM-pc/EXchange.vmdk"
scsi0:1.mode = "independent-persistent"
scsi0:1.deviceType = "plainDisk"

diskLib.dataCacheMaxSize = "0"
diskLib.dataCacheMaxReadAheadSize = "0"
diskLib.dataCacheMinReadAheadSize = "0"
diskLib.dataCachePageSize = "4096"
diskLib.maxUnsyncedWrites = "0"

2. Use Virtual Server 2005

If you use MS Virtual Server 2005, Use Shared SCSI disk is simple. You can use it by it's wizard.

But it's too slow for my computer, maybe I should add another 512M DDR memory. So eventually i

give up Virtual Server 2005.

3. About MSDTC

If you want configure SQL 2000 Cluster or Exchange Cluster , you must add MSDTC(Distributed Transaction Coordinator) resource first, and confirm it works correctly( it can move from one node to another node)

4.About Network Connections settings

When i finished installation of exchange on both nodes, I want to add a "Ms Exchange System Attendant" resource, a error occupys, the prompt is:

The network path was not found.

Facility: Win32

ID no. C0070035

Microsoft Exchange Cluster Administrator Extension

I checked this error on internet including Microsoft Webiste, there are two points we must be careful.

a. confirm the "Remote registry" service has been started

b. check your NIC settings, confirm that the private NIC is configured with the following characteristics: Netbios Disabled, Not configured for DNS registration and confirm that the public NIC: DOES have netbios enabled and IS configured for DNS registration. It's also very important that the public NIC be higher in the binding order than the private NIC.

Any one of these things being set incorrectly can potentially cause the
netbios communication to attempt to take the wrong path and fail.;en-us;290284

Then i configured my public NIC be higher in the binding order than the private NIC, it's ok. Done!

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