How to resolve the error:Event ID 1030 occur in conjunction with Event id 1058

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This event is also reported in many instances of upgrades from Windows NT or Windows 2000 to Windows 2003 Server.
Some other recommendations in regards to this (from newsgroup posts) is to verify that:
- DFS service on all DCs is started and set to "Automatic"
- there are no FRS issues - (if there are, toubleshoot those first)
- TCP/IP Netbios Helper service is started and set to "Automatic"
- the "Everyone" has the "bypass traverse checking" user right
on the default domain controller policy
- the antivirus (if installed) is not scanning the sysvol or subfolders, if so, exclude it
- consider that the error description in event id 1058 ("network path not found" or "access denied") is caused by different problems and have different solutions.

Other posts from Microsoft engineer suggest that if a domain controller is multi-homed (more than 1 network card) they may experience this problem (note that "network card" could mean a physical or a virtual one - i.e. VMWare or VPN virtual adapters). The posts also indicate that the Client for Microsoft Networks and the File and Printer Sharing services have to be bound to the network adapter.

My situation:

Wmware, two NICs, when I remove one NIC, this error doesn't occur again

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