Azure (世纪互联) - Visual Studio登录的问题

1. 使用VS2017 登录 Azure世纪互联版官方文档: 如果需要删除已经登录过的账号缓存,可在上述文档中提到的路径"C:\Users\\AppData\Local\.IdentityService\" 下删除AccountSt...
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Xamarin.iOS + VSTS + OSX Build Agent

VSTS Configuration: Build Agent:
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Xamarin.Android + Build/Test Cloud TFS Automation - Issues and Workground

# Issue 1: Xamarin.Android Test Cloud MSBuild Step - Failure and workaroundcheck link:
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Xamarin.Android Build Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: already added: Lokio/AsyncTimeout$

Here's a GitHub issue raised on a Xamarin.Forms plugin which had a build error when using this plugin with another nuget lib ModernHttpClient
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Xamarin.Android - Binding to android native SDK with AIDL file

Binding Steps:1. VS (Xamarin) : follow the normal binding step e.g. add the target sdk .jar with build action as "EmbeddedJar" in binding project2. JAVA: compile the .java file generated from the .aid...
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Xamarin.iOS - Handing Keyboard

1. Scroll view when keyboard hide your input viewsLINK - Hide keyboard on touching empty space of current UIViewControlle...
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LINK - Xamarin.iOS + MvvmCross: TableCell Without NiB e.g. XibFree

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Xamarin.iOS + MvvmCross: UIPickerView data binding, SelectedItemChanged event

UIPickerView data binding, SelectedItemChanged event...
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Xamarin.iOS + MvvmCross - Notes about how to use Mvx TableViewSource

The available v3 table sources are:Abstract classesMvxBaseTableViewSource base functionality only no ItemsSource - generally not used directlyMvxTableViewSource.cs inherits from the basetable and adde...
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LINKs: Xamarin.Forms + Prism

LINK 1 - How to use Prism with Xamarin.Forms the Prism.Forms version 6.0.1 doesn't support Xamarin.Forms v2 yet)LINK 2 ...
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Azure Mobile App - Custom Authentication

Custom Authentication:1. For OLD Mobile Service - For NEW Mobile App - keys...
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Bootstrap 3 + MVC 5 - validation css tips

1. the default MVC 5 site.css is missing some style for validation style on form-control. problem resolved after adding the missing css to site.css/* styles for validation helpers */.field-validation-...
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Link - Bootstrap Tabs use data-tabs="tabs" on the ul as tab headers2. use data-toggle="tab" on the anchor of tab link3. use initial js ...
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LINK - Web/App UI Design resources

Bootstrap Custom Navigation Bar Generator - Custom Button Generator - Schemas - https://www.m...
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Html - TextArea - auto sizing to avoid scrollbar

A list of html TextArea element with class name "noteItem", below code will auto resize the TextArea to avoid scrollbarJQuery:$('.noteItem').each(function () { var scrollHeight = $(this).pr...
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