A Problem is Preventing Windows from Accurately Checking the License for this Computer

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Problem: When booting your XP Embedded runtime for the first time, you receive the following error: "A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer."

Cause: This usually indicates you did not correctly set the partition size in Target Designer. It's important that the Embedded tools and FBA know the destination partition size. If the true size is grossly incorrect compared to your property settings in Target Designer you will receive this error. You can verify or modify the setting within Target Designer by following these steps;

  1. Open your configuration in Target Designer.
  2. Click the Settings node, located near the top in the root of this configuration.
  3. You should now see a list of links in the configuration user interface (UI) in the right pane. Click on Target Device Settings.
  4. Under that heading, click Show. This dynamic HTML will expand, showing you detailed target configuration settings.
  5. Scroll down to locate the Boot Partition size (MB) setting
  6. You will see here that the default value is 1024 MB. This setting assumes that your destination partition will be approximately 1 GB in size. Change this to indicate what the target device partition size will be when you deploy the runtime. Note: If you get the target device partition size close that's fine; however, it must not be grossly incorrect.
  7. Note that the next setting, Partition cluster size, can be safely ignored. It will not affect your runtime's functionality. It is only used by Target Designer to estimate the runtime's footprint during the check dependency and build phases. Changing this value to match the destination partitions cluster size will simply make Target Designer's footprint estimates more accurate.
  8. IMPORTANT: If you did change the Boot partition value, you must re-run check dependency before rebuilding the runtime. Otherwise the runtime will continue to fail.

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