One Day’s Life of Jimmy’s

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Jimmy gets up at the 3 o’clock and the day is still dark. The street is drowsy, but when jimmy watches his watch he gets up immediately. He takes up his clothes and washes himself quickly. Just after he finishes these things, he hears the sounds of beep. So he quickly looks at who is there. As jimmy’s expected, the guy is appear, he follows him as fresh as paint, after two 5 hour’s following he knows his address finally. He takes the next step with great care, because he knows this guy is a master-hand. He analyses this guy’s omit, and hope to find something he can do. This guy has a girl friend, and he chats with her everyday noon at 12:30. So jimmy begins to look for this girl’s address and this is a hard work. After an hour, he finds the girls address and now the time was 10 o’clock. Jimmy has a lot of time to cover himself with the girl’s address. The jimmy waits the guy till 12:30. When the guy is appear at jimmy’s address, jimmy transmits a Troy horse to this guy’s address immediately. Then he quits quickly preventing this guy’s detection. Now, jimmy’s face appears smile. Because he can makes use of this horse to this guy’s omit and destroy this guy’s computer.
 Jimmy is a hacker and in his virtual world, he is guy who is very strong and can analyze every computer’s leak. And then he attacks these computers. In addition to this, he also teaches those who is interesting the computer technology. All his experience was written in his blog. So he is respected in the virtual world. And in the real world, as in the virtual world, he is a lively guy. But everyone he knows doesn’t know his other side. He is a student in art department. So everyone can not believe he is a hacker. Jimmy is also happy to cover himself well, because his work in the virtual world is dangerous. He doesn’t want to risk his life in the real world. The guy he followed today is a challenger. The guy attacked Jimmy’s computer and left a letter to tell Jimmy that he is a challenger. The guy gave Jimmy 3 days time to find who the guy is. If he finds the guy’s identity, the guy will give Jimmy’s surprise.
  Now, the last day’s coming, jimmy finally find the guy’s IP address and his horse can check the guy’s data to find the guy’s identity. Jimmy finds a disk drive in the guy’s computer that is encrypted. This disk drive may include impartment data. So he makes use of his horse to transmit a small soft that can decode the code. After 10 minutes, he destroys the code and can steal the data from the disk drive.
 To his strange, this disk drive only has one document. He opens the document, and the big red words are said:
Mr. jimmy jin: we company took a great attention to you a long time. You are computer genius and this task is test for you. We wish you join our company, in this environment; you can gain everything that you want to. If you want to join us, please open this address: ********. And there is space for you! Welcome to FS!


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