beamer模板 (tex制作slides)

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<span style="font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">% Copyright 2004 by Till Tantau <>.</span>
% In principle, this file can be redistributed and/or modified under
% the terms of the GNU Public License, version 2.
% However, this file is supposed to be a template to be modified
% for your own needs. For this reason, if you use this file as a
% template and not specifically distribute it as part of a another
% package/program, I grant the extra permission to freely copy and
% modify this file as you see fit and even to delete this copyright
% notice. 



% There are many different themes available for Beamer. A comprehensive
% list with examples is given here:
% You can uncomment the themes below if you would like to use a different
% one:

\title{Presentation Title}

% A subtitle is optional and this may be deleted
\subtitle{Optional Subtitle}

\author{F.~Author\inst{1} \and S.~Another\inst{2}}
% - Give the names in the same order as the appear in the paper.
% - Use the \inst{?} command only if the authors have different
%   affiliation.

\institute[Universities of Somewhere and Elsewhere] % (optional, but mostly needed)
	Department of Computer Science\\
	University of Somewhere
	Department of Theoretical Philosophy\\
	University of Elsewhere}
% - Use the \inst command only if there are several affiliations.
% - Keep it simple, no one is interested in your street address.

\date{Conference Name, 2013}
% - Either use conference name or its abbreviation.
% - Not really informative to the audience, more for people (including
%   yourself) who are reading the slides online

\subject{Theoretical Computer Science}
% This is only inserted into the PDF information catalog. Can be left
% out. 

% If you have a file called "", where xxx
% is a graphic format that can be processed by latex or pdflatex,
% resp., then you can add a logo as follows:

% \pgfdeclareimage[height=0.5cm]{university-logo}{university-logo-filename}
% \logo{\pgfuseimage{university-logo}}

% Delete this, if you do not want the table of contents to pop up at
% the beginning of each subsection:

% Let's get started
		\titlepage abc按时交多少
		% You might wish to add the option [pausesections]
	% Section and subsections will appear in the presentation overview
	% and table of contents.
	\section{First Main Section}
	\subsection{First Subsection}
	\begin{frame}{First Slide Title}{Optional Subtitle}
			\item {
				My first point.
			\item {
				My second point.
	\subsection{Second Subsection}
	% You can reveal the parts of a slide one at a time
	% with the \pause command:
	\begin{frame}{Second Slide Title}
			\item {
				First item.
				\pause % The slide will pause after showing the first item
			\item {   
				Second item.
			% You can also specify when the content should appear
			% by using <n->:
			\item<3-> {
				Third item.
			\item<4-> {
				Fourth item.
			% or you can use the \uncover command to reveal general
			% content (not just \items):
			\item<5-> {
				Fifth item. \uncover<6->{Extra text in the fifth item.}
	\section{Second Main Section}
	\subsection{Another Subsection}
		\begin{block}{Block Title}
			You can also highlight sections of your presentation in a block, with it's own title
			There are separate environments for theorems, examples, definitions and proofs.
			Here is an example of an example block.
	% Placing a * after \section means it will not show in the
	% outline or table of contents.
			The \alert{first main message} of your talk in one or two lines.
			The \alert{second main message} of your talk in one or two lines.
			Perhaps a \alert{third message}, but not more than that.
				Something you haven't solved.
				Something else you haven't solved.
	% All of the following is optional and typically not needed. 
	\subsection<presentation>*{For Further Reading}
		\frametitle<presentation>{For Further Reading}
			% Start with overview books.
			\newblock {\em Handbook of Everything}.
			\newblock Some Press, 1990.
			% Followed by interesting articles. Keep the list short. 
			\newblock On this and that.
			\newblock {\em Journal of This and That}, 2(1):50--100,


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