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Zend Studio的广告,虽然是广告,倒是说的没错。

A discussion on why to use an IDE over an editor:
There are two classes of tools that developers can choose from - an editor, or an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as Zend Studio.

To code basic PHP applications, any standard text editor such as Notepad, would do. But, for the same reason most of us prefer writing documents with a word processor over Notepad, Professional PHP developers prefer an IDE over a simple editor. It's all about productivity!

Developers already using Zend Studio know that there's much more to developing PHP applications than just typing-in code. When you are a professional developer, the time spent and quality of the work are of the essence. Zend Studio provides a clear competitive advantage by working with you to deliver your customers well-documented, bug-free projects--on schedule.

Zend Studio is the de facto IDE standard for PHP development. It is designed to address the needs of professional PHP developers and increase their productivity by providing all the tools necessary to develop, debug, deploy and manage complex PHP applications in a fraction of the time it would take them to work with an editor.

IDE(Zend Studio)比记事本or ecditplus好,That true  but 需要$啊,在 free  world  里好工具一大堆,只要肯找找,eg:  Zend Studio里面的功能根本比不上Eclipse,因为它还不够IDE,只能自己整合自己的东西,还有一些比较常用的工具,比如CVS。 no money no honey,不过花几千钱块,还是不好用。

简析PHP集成开发环境IDE Zend Studio

Zend Studio 是专业开发人员在使用PHP整个开发周期中唯一的集成开发环境 (IDE),它包括了PHP所有必须的开发部件。通过一整套编辑、调试、分析、优化和数据库工具,Zend Studio ...

Zend Studio 如何配置本地apache服务器使用xdebug调试php脚本

本地环境搭配:apache 2.2 安装位置:D:/program files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2php 5.2.10 安装位置:C:/phpxd...

zend studio10 + XDebug调试PHP配置

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Zend Studio + Firefox调试PHP代码

Zend Studio安装,配置; Xdebug配置;
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