Read JDJ's Review of RetroVue 1.1

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RetroVue™ Java™ Software Visualization Tool
  • Trace bugs back to their source
  • Analyze captured journals to find elusive bugs
  • Eliminate need to restart in order to reproduce bugs
  • Understand thread behavior
  • Determine the cause of deadlocks
  • Find the cause of unexpected exceptions
  • Determine when a variable was last modified
  • See all references to any object

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A godman's review plan of Postgradute Exam


Just some pieces of general review on interfacing

So, It's pretty late here at the moment, but I really need to keep myself awake to finish my project...

review basics of Java

ClassCollection of objects is called class. It is a logical entity.Instance variable in JavaA variab...

A Review of Recent Advance

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