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EPL (Easy Programming Language) is powerful, easy to use RAD programming language & software development environment. The EPL programming language is flexible and command-based. EPL presents an easy way for people who want to create software but without any experience. EPL also provides a very high quality compiler and allows user to build standalone application. Using EPL, you can build and debug high performance Windows Form
Application, Windows Console Application, Windows Dynamic Library, Linux Console Application in one IDE. You can even debug your Linux Console Application under Windows System.
EPL is an easy to use RAD environment for all levels of developer. If you have experience about other RAD or languages, you will feel very familiar about the EPL.




使用Quagga测试IPv4/IPv6 BGP双栈动态路由(by quqi99)

作者:张华  发表于:2016-07-04版权声明:可以任意转载,转载时请务必以超链接形式标明文章原始出处和作者信息及本版权声明( http://blog.csdn.net/quqi99 )测试环境 ...
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Shell Step by Step (4) —— Cron & Echo

6.脚本定时任务# Example of job definition: # .------------------------- minute (0 - 59) # | .---------...

Learning C++ by Creating Games With UE4(15.05.21)(Chapter 11-2)Monster

Chapter11-2   近战攻击   在字典中定义近战这个词是表示一群混乱的人。近战攻击就是在很近的范围内做出的行为。要做近战攻击这样一个效果,你首先需要一个近战攻击的动画,那么你需要在U...

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Neural Networks for Machine Learning by Geoffrey Hinton (4)

一种可以学习家谱关系的简单神经网络血缘一共有12种关系: son, daughter, nephew, niece, father, mother, uncle, aunt, brother, s...

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数字图像处理实验(4):PROJECT 02-04 [Multiple Uses],Zooming and Shrinking Images by Bilinear Interpolation

实验要求: Zooming and Shrinking Images by Bilinear Interpolation Objective To manipulate another...

Learning C++ by Creating Games With UE4(15.05.20)(Chapter 11-1)Monster

Chapter11-1 怪物   我们这一章节需要在场景中添加一个岛屿的场景作为范例。玩家将可以在整个岛上漫游,同时他也会遇到一些敌人,NPC可以在他遇到敌人之前给予他一定帮助和建议   岛屿...

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CUDA By Examples 4 - 使用thread

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