Develop C++ subroutines 10 times faster. No debugging. No testing.

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Have you ever written a program that worked on the first try? Neither have we. As any programmer knows, 90% of the time spent writing code is not writing the algorithm, it's debugging and testing. And debugging again. And testing again.

TurboExcel breaks this cycle once and for all, giving you the ability to write perfect C++ programs instantly, on the first try. What's the secret? TurboExcel lets you use Excel to code in C++. Simply design your algorithm in an Excel spreadsheet, push a button, and TurboExcel will instantly convert your spreadsheet into a C++ subroutine that's error free and immediately usable. No more debugging. No more testing. No more screaming at the computer.

With TurboExcel, you can now develop C++ subroutines in one tenth the time it usually takes. TurboExcel's C++ code is generated by the computer itself, so there's no room for human error: perfect working code gets written every time.



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