MAKEMSI v06.153 by Dennis Bareis

转载 2006年06月03日 00:42:00

  • New "ComponentFind" and "ProductFind" commands.
  • The "FileFind" command can now validate that a directory exists.
  • Added the "In10Format" parameter to the "ComPlusExport" command.

MAKEMSI is a freeware tool with utilizes simple XML like text files for the reliable creation (or updating) of MSI based installers. Once set up subsequent rebuilds are automated, reliable, quick and in general require no MSI skills. Not only does MAKEMSI build the MSI but it creates HTML documentation for it as well!

MAKEMSI is aimed at both beginners as well as advanced users. If required you have full control over every Windows Installer table and row (you can even create your own). You can also just point MAKEMSI at a complete directory tree or a registry file and it will create the appropriate Windows Installer entries (components, GUIDs, cab files) and doing this doesn't prevent the use of the more advanced capabilities. MAKEMSI can actually build or update any Windows Installer database types, for example ICE validation suites or merge modules. It is the simplest tool available for MSI automation.



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