Excel Password Recovery Master

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Excel Password Recovery Master Excel Password Recovery Master is used to crack password-protected documents created in MS Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 (*.xls, *.xlt, *.xla files). The program allows you to reset "open" passsword, as well as to recover "write", workbook, shared workbook and worksheet passwords.

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3S Algorithm to crack MS Excel password: Swift, Simple, Secure.

Technologies of MS Excel password recovery traditionally develop along three directions:
  • Online services run decryption of protected files on company servers. Here, the user is required to upload their protected file to a decryption server. Since the files mostly carry sensitive information, many reasonably think it undesirable.
  • The other way is to apply an attack method to try possible combinations of symbols (Brute-force attack and other type of attacks). For strong passwords it can take days without guaranteed success.
  • Password removal is another alternative that can be effective but consumes time and resources on the user side (about ten days even on modern Pentium 4 computer).
Our solution is a breakthrough in technologies of excel password recovery. It combines the benefits of each method without inheriting their respective weaknesses. The search for an excel document decryption key is done on our powerful specialized server, while the actual decryption is performed on the user’s computer. The process takes a few seconds and ensures perfect security. All sensitive data remains on the user’s machine.

Sophistication of the new technology doesn't affect the user interface, which remains clear and simple. It takes just one click to reset or recover an open, write, workbook, shared workbook or worksheet excel password. The program does all the work in the background and presents a recovered password almost instantly. The strength of the password has no effect on the speed of recovery. With Excel Password Recovery Master, users can be sure that the trifle of password loss won't interfere into their course of work.


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Features and benefits

  • Removes the "open" MS Excel password.
  • Recovers the "write", workbook, shared workbook and worksheet passwords.
  • Online excel password recovery service with guaranteed privacy.
  • Instant recovery of passwords of any length and complexity.
  • Multilingual passwords are supported.
  • The program works with documents created in MS Excel 97/2000/XP/2003 and protected with the standard protection method.
  • Password protection against unauthorized program access.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

User interface

Excel Password Recovery Master has a simple interface. After you select a password protected document, the program will allow you to crack the “open” password and also show you the “write”, workbook, shared workbook and worksheet passwords.

Excel Password Recovery Master cracks excel password.


System requirements

  • Windows 9x / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003
  • The program cracks documents created in MS Excel 97 / 2000 / XP / 2003 and protected with the standard method (compatible with Office 97/2000).
  • MS Excel password cracker cannot process documents encrypted with nonstandard CSP (it is possible to select a CSP in Microsoft Office XP / 2003 only) and documents created in the French version of MS Excel 97.


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