RapidShare Grabber 1.4.3 Released

转载 2006年06月04日 23:24:00

New in this version:
- Updated RapidShare grabber procedure
- RapidShare Proxy Checker is remade from scratch and now you can check your proxies literally in seconds.
- Added CMS @cTivaTion, from now on only members can use Grabber

Because of some bugs in the Borland's ListView component Windows XP native theme support is disabled in this release.
Note: This release uses our experimental multithread engine so bugs can be expected in the Proxy Checker. The rest of the Grabber uses old approved internet engine.

Future improvements:
- Multithreaded grabber
- Multiple downloads from the same instance
- Multithreaded link checker
- Improved link store
- Checking proxies on the fly



Posted on Thursday, June 01 @ 06:25:39 PDT by Ai_Jordan


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