Ultimate++ v606dev1 by Mirek Fídler, Tomáš Rylek

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Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development suite. It includes a set of libraries (GUI, SQL, etc..), and an integrated development environment.

Rapid development is achieved by the smart and aggressive use of C++ rather than through fancy code generators. In this respect, U++ competes with popular scripting languages while preserving C/C++ runtime characteristics.

The U++ integrated development environment, TheIDE, introduces modular concepts to C++ programming. It features BLITZ-build technology to speedup C++ rebuilds up to 4 times, Visual designers for U++ libraries, Topic++ system for documenting code and creating rich text resources for applications (like help and code documentation) and Assist++ - a powerful C++ code analyzer that provides features like code completion, navigation and transformation.

TheIDE can work with GCC, MinGW and Visual C++ 7.1 or 8.0 compilers (including Visual C++ toolkit and Visual C++ 8.0 Express) and contains a full featured debugger. TheIDE can also be used to develop non-U++ applications.

U++ distributions combine U++ with 3rd party tools like MinGW compiler or SDL library to provide an instant development platform.

What you can get with the Ultimate++ download in plain English

  • Very effective C++ library for cross-platform development in source form.
  • A good integrated development environment, tuned for developing large C++ applications.
  • You can use both, or you can use whatever you need.



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