WinID Version 3.1

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WinID is controls & windows identification utility that is both powerful and compact. Its main purpose is to give an easy way to retrieve information about Microsoft Windows controls visually right off the screen. WinID resembles Spy++ from the Microsoft Visual Studio toolset but it also incorporates lots of its own handy features. Who would be interested in using WinID? Definitely, a person who knows (or plans to learn) the architecture of the Microsoft Windows Operating System - programmer, debugger/tester, beginner. It will definitely be handy for debugging your C/C++/MFC/.NET and Visual Basic applications, as well as learning more about how your favorite programs are made.
Special features:
  • To use WinID all you have to have is a mouse, and all you have to do is to point it to control to receive information about it;
  • WinID is completely "transparent" for other running programs and Operating System;
  • WinID retrieves a wealth of Windows NT compatible information about control, including: Control handle & title (text), device context handles, control ID, control status (enabled, visible, Unicode), module handle, Window Procedure, menu handle, atom, icon handles, cursor handle, brush handle, extra window data, window class styles, window region, process ID, process priority, process creation and GDI & User module times, process memory and handle count stats, process privileges, main thread ID, main thread priority, main thread creation and GDI & User module times, base priority, image file path, module file path, app instance handle, shut-down parameters, shut-down flags, parent window handle & class, window & control styles, extended styles, additional control-specific info, and much more;
  • Using Capture Shot technique WinID can remember control state to be analyzed later;
  • WinID can also retrieve command line, environment strings, image file path for a program by simply pointing to it (through Capture Shot feature);
  • WinID can extract dynamic resources such as icons, bitmaps, image lists, enhanced metafiles, fonts, window properties from controls on the screen (through Capture Shot feature);
  • WinID can retrieve information about modules loaded for the program at a certain time (through Capture Shot feature);
  • Using Capture Shot you can copy and save retrieved information;
  • For visual identification WinID can highlight controls it works with;
  • WinID can stay above all other windows on the screen;
  • To register dynamic changes in control WinID can Constantly Poll it;
  • WinID does Automatically Recognize many control classes, although you may manually set a preferred class type by selecting it from the list;
  • WinID can run with priority level above normal to have an upper hand over other apps;
  • WinID may be used to test other programs regarding memory and resource leaks.
To learn more see WinID Manual


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