AndroidAnnotations——How It Works,AndroidAnnotation是如何工作的

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How It Works

Overview 概述

AndroidAnnotations works in a very simple way. It automatically adds an extra compilation step that generates source code, using the standard Java Annotation Processing Tool.
AndroidAnnotations使用起来很简单。它自动添加一个额外的编译步骤,生成相应的、使用标准 Java Annotation Processing Tool的源代码。

What source code ? For each enhanced class, for example each @EActivity annotated activity, a subclass of this activity is generated, with the same name plus an underscore appended at the end.
这是怎样的代码?对于每个被优化的class,比如每个加了 @EActivity 注解的activity,会生成一个子类,它和父类的名字一样,只是在末尾加了一个下划线 _ 

For instance, the following class:
public class MyActivity extends Activity {
  // ...

Will generate the following subclass, in the same package but in another source folder:
public final class MyActivity_ extends MyActivity {
  // ...
This subclass adds behavior to your activity by overriding some methods (for instanceonCreate()), yet delegating the calls to super.

That is the reason why you must add _ to your activity names in AndroidManifest.xml:
这就是为什么你必须在 AndroidManifest.xml中为你的activity名添加 _ 的原因:
<activity android:name=".MyListActivity_" />

Starting an annotated activity 启动一个注解过的activity

In Android, you usually start an activity this way:
startActivity(this, MyListActivity.class);
However, with AndroidAnnotations, the real activity that must be started is MyListActivity_:
但是通过 AndroidAnnotations,这个真正被启动的activity必须是MyListActivity_
startActivity(this, MyListActivity_.class);

Intent Builder Intent生成器

Since AndroidAnnotations 2.4

We provide a static helper to let you start the generated activity:
// Starting the activity

// Building an intent from the activity
Intent intent = MyListActivity_.intent(context).get();

// You can provide flags

// You can even provide extras defined with @Extra in the activity

Since AndroidAnnotations 2.7

You can also use the startActivityForResult() equivalent:
同理,你也可以使用 startActivityForResult() 

Starting an annotated Service 启动一个注解过的Service

In Android, you usually start a service this way:
startService(this, MyService.class);
However, with AndroidAnnotations, the real Service that must be started is MyService_:
但是通过 AndroidAnnotations,这个真正被启动的service必须是 MyService_
startService(this, MyService_.class);

Intent Builder Intent生成器

Since AndroidAnnotations 2.7

We provide a static helper to let you start the generated service:
// Starting the service

// Building an intent from the activity
Intent intent = MyService_.intent(context).build();

// You can provide flags

Is there any performance impact?这会产生什么性能影响吗?

The short answer is no. More on this subject in the FAQ.
简单的回答是no。想了解更多请参看 FAQ

Now that you get the basics, let's see how to enhance Activities.
现在你已经了解了基础知识,让我们看看如何enhance Activities

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