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重新布置了Video Switch后,再开机后就无法进入图形界面了,google下,找到文章一篇

How do I su(1) to another user and run an X application? 

You need to set your $DISPLAY and allow others to use your console. If you don't, you get a message like "Can't open display". By default, only the user who logged in on console can connect to the display.

To allow another user to connect there are two ways - one easy and one secure (unfortunately, you can't have both):

Easy: As user logged in on console run "xhost +LOCAL:" (This gives permission to connect to the display to anyone logged in on the machine—this includes being able to open windows, read your keystrokes, send keystrokes, etc. Obviously not a good idea if you have other users on the system you don't trust completely.) Starting with Solaris 10, you can also use this safer, more-restrictive format: xhost xhost +si:localuser:username For example: xhost +si:localuser:root

As any other user logged in on the box, run "setenv DISPLAY :0" or "DISPLAY=:0; export DISPLAY", depending on your shell type. This all assumes you're connecting from the same host, for a remote host, change to "xhost +other-hostname" and "setenv DISPLAY PutYourHostnameHere:0"

Safe: As user logged in on console run "xauth list" Look for the line for your hostname followed by ":0" and copy it. As the user you want to grant access to run "xauth" and at the xauth> prompt type "add " and paste the line you copied. Now "setenv DISPLAY hostname:0", making sure you match the way it was listed in the line you copied and pasted.

Easier variation of safe method for special cases: If the other user you want to access your screen is root, and your home directory is either local or on an NFS filesystem exported with root permissions, just have root do this:
setenv XAUTHORITY /home/myuserid/.Xauthority ; setenv DISPLAY :0
(replace "/home/myuserid" with your actual home directory).

于是把USB Mouse直接接在服务器的USB接口上,重启后,问题解决,原来,我是把USB Mouse通过USB转接线放置在面板前的,可能是转接线的问题吧,Solaris识别不出USB鼠标,于是无法进入图形界面了。

在使用 Intel E5 v2 系列处理器的 ESXi 5.x 上运行时,Windows 2008 R2 和 Solaris 10(64 位)虚拟机出现蓝屏或内核不稳定。 (2094336)

Symptoms 免责声明:本文为 Windows 2008 R2 and Solaris 10 64-bit virtual machines blue screen or kernel ...
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Solaris10 GCC bus error 一例

Solaris10 GCC bus error 一例 环境: Solaris10 SPARC GCC 4.4.2 背景: 原先代码使用CC编译的,是32位程序。有-O2优化。...
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最近要用solaris,想给solaris传资料,结果用ftp老连不上,说 “500 unknown FTP server shut down“的错误,在网上查了好几个方法都不行,最后试了下这个方法:...

“SecurityError: Error #2060: 安全沙箱冲突:ExternalInterface 调用者xxx不能访问xxx”解决方案一例

今天,我把我的Flash Player插件做了一下升级,变为了10.0.42.34的版本。然后发现之前能够在本地正常运行的DVF,今天运行起来却抛出了异常信息。提示信息如下: SecurityErr...


vmware版本是vmware workstation ACE edition 6.0.0 build 45731,建立虚拟机时选择操作系统为Solaris 10,安装完成后网络无法使用,ifconf...

RedHat 9.0无法进入系统解决一例

今日,准备进入系统调试点东西,可是输入用户名和密码后又退出来了?奇怪了?用户名和密码都正确噢!于是进入单用户模式试试看,可以进去,查看一下log,错误日志大概如下?#tail /var/log/mes...


Win98 + AutoCAD2000,HP1300打印机,提示不能列印,后来改装PS的驱动,而没有选用PCL的,打印正常。 错误: Printing has been disabled due ...

一例knockout with绑定,异步调用数据为null导致的绑定div标签内容不能显示的解决

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一例一个实体对象不能由多个 IEntityChangeTracker 实例引用的解决

一个实体对象不能由多个 IEntityChangeTracker 实例引用问题的解决
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