python eventlet模块

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python eventlet模块


def _func_on_containers(logger, conf, concurrency_key, func, **kwargs):
    """Run a function on each container with concurrency."""

    bench = Bench(logger, conf, [])
    pool = eventlet.GreenPool(int(getattr(conf, concurrency_key)))
    for container in conf.containers:
        pool.spawn_n(func, bench.url, bench.token, container, **kwargs)
def spawn_n(self, function, *args, **kwargs):
        """Create a greenthread to run the *function*, the same as
        :meth:`spawn`.  The difference is that :meth:`spawn_n` returns
        None; the results of *function* are not retrievable.
        # if reentering an empty pool, don't try to wait on a coroutine freeing
        # itself -- instead, just execute in the current coroutine
        current = greenthread.getcurrent()
        if self.sem.locked() and current in self.coroutines_running:
            self._spawn_n_impl(function, args, kwargs, None)
            g = greenthread.spawn_n(
                function, args, kwargs, True)
            if not self.coroutines_running:
                self.no_coros_running = event.Event()

def waitall(self):
        """Waits until all greenthreads in the pool are finished working."""
        assert greenthread.getcurrent() not in self.coroutines_running, \
            "Calling waitall() from within one of the " \
            "GreenPool's greenthreads will never terminate."
        if self.running():

def spawn(func, *args, **kwargs):
    """Create a greenthread to run ``func(*args, **kwargs)``.  Returns a
    :class:`GreenThread` object which you can use to get the results of the

    Execution control returns immediately to the caller; the created greenthread
    is merely scheduled to be run at the next available opportunity.
    Use :func:`spawn_after` to  arrange for greenthreads to be spawned
    after a finite delay.
    hub = hubs.get_hub()
    g = GreenThread(hub.greenlet)
    hub.schedule_call_global(0, g.switch, func, args, kwargs)
    return g

def spawn_n(func, *args, **kwargs):
    """Same as :func:`spawn`, but returns a ``greenlet`` object from
    which it is not possible to retrieve either a return value or
    whether it raised any exceptions.  This is faster than
    :func:`spawn`; it is fastest if there are no keyword arguments.

    If an exception is raised in the function, spawn_n prints a stack
    trace; the print can be disabled by calling
    :func:`eventlet.debug.hub_exceptions` with False.
    return _spawn_n(0, func, args, kwargs)[1]

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python eventlet模块

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