What is Baseline JPEG and Progressive JPEG?

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What is Baseline JPEG and Progressive JPEG?


There are two types of saving image file in jpeg format. They are Baseline JPEG and Progressive JPEG. Both format will have the same size and data. The extension also remains the same. The only difference is how it displays. Want to know how it will display?

Baseline JPEG

This type of JPEG file opens line by line starting from top left to bottom right like how we write. When you save a file in “Save As” method by default the image will get saved in Baseline JPEG format. As the image will start loading with the available data in sequence the user will be able to see  the image partially. Once all data is received the image will be display completely.



In some sites users will upload a high resolution image directly with out processing it. When you try to see those you can notice the image loading line by line. There is no advantage in this type of JPEG. So, It is always recommended to use Progressive JPEG

Progressive JPEG

In Progressive JPEG format full image loads with available data at first instance but will look blurred. It scans for the data in certain cycles mentioned while saving. So after each cycle the image will look better. Once the complete data is received the image will appear clear.



The main advantage of the Progressive JPEG format is when the internet connection is slower the user will be able to see at least the blurred image and will have an idea about the loading image. You can notice this type in mobile phones. When you open a high resolution image it shows the full image instantly with blur and in few seconds it becomes clear.


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