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1.could you please describe yourself?

  yes,it's my pleasure to introduce myself. so,my name is ,
and come from anhui province.in 2008,I graduated from maoming university
of computer sincence and technology,and get the bachelor degree.

   Befor graduation ,i have started to work life,I had practiced in maoming
software construction corporation,and i mainly engaged in  OA SYSTEM 

  In 2008 september,i got to guangzhou,and employed in nantian information
construction corporation. as a system engineer and a project manager,i mainly
engaged in  some banks’ projects . for example The self-help service system
 of Agricultural Bank of Guangdong , Bank of dongguan's atm and so on
  in 2011 november, i come to shenzhen.and i  mainly engaged
in developing the system of  auto repair 。
 that's all. thanks
2.Why do you think we should employ you?
  four years experience in programing and managing project,i think it
can be my biggest advantage.if i enter you corperation,i can get into status
3.if we hire you ,how long will you stay with us?

  that would be depending on the work which whether need me still,i hope
several years,or even more
4.why do you want to come to our commpany?
  as we know, in the IT area,HW IS one of the most famous  commpanys,
whose products sold in almost 100 countys. i think it can give me the
platform to show myself.
5.if you are going to another country, what do you want to do first?
  first,i think i must pay more time to learn the english. the language is
important to work,communication,also to your life safty.so i think learning
foreign language is the most important work before go abroad.
6.what are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  My greatest strength is my commitment to work and my ability of learning
   My greatest weaknesses is that I sometimes set unrealistic goals,
for example one day  to read a book, a hour to finish a programe. I think,
seting unrealistic goals for me personally is not a bad thing,
 the so-called Aim at the Sun, land on the Moon. ( to fly to the sun, at least on the moon. )
There is a high goal, there will be a great power, even if not finish are indifferent.

  However, when I was working in a team , it became a big disadvantage. In the team,
once the goals set too high,it  will lead to many problems on management.
   I think this is a shortage what I need to overcome
7.how much do you know about our company?

 just a little ,in my life ,i have used the hw's products,like the wireless modern,i know
 that the hw is the most famous company in the world
8. what would you like to do in your spare time?
 in my spare time,i like playing football and, reading ,swimming and so on
9. what is important to you in a job?
  i think that the feeling of the job is other than the paycheck,in my faith,a good
feeling of the job can take me happyness,also my life would be more wonderful
because of the job.
 10 can we offer you a career path?
 yes,i believe you can ,cause i trust myself,i believe i can go faster and faster
 in your company
 11. what didn't you like about previous jobs you've held?
 in fact, i love my previous job.the only shortage is its paycheck.as we know
 ,the young like me has the pressure of life .buying house,buying car,and so on
 i just want a more wonderful life.
 12 what are your salary expections?
 i think this question may be discussed after you decide to employ me,ok?
13 why left your past company, waht did you learn from past company

 in fact, i love my previous job.the only shortage is its paycheck.as we know
 ,the young like me has the pressure of life .buying house,buying car,and so on
 i just can't live with the salary
 from past jobs,i improved my programing skill,and i learned how to deal with oter people,
 i know the most important work is to cummunicate with the custom from time to time
 to ensure that our product meets their needs
 i have a warm family. There are four people in my family.my parents are  typical chinese farmers.
 both of them are diligent and kind. my sisteter is  studying in the university.

in order to support the family and pay the tuition
 fee,my father always goes
to many big cities to find some jobs



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