Beijing Olympic TV broadcast formally start

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Beijing Olympic TV broadcast formally start

Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Corporation Limited, the company formed to manage the Olympic broadcast, held its first board meeting on Wednesday.

The meeting named Jiang Xiaoyu, Vice-President of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, the new company's chairman, while Hein Verbruggen, Chairman of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Beijing Olympics, was named vice chairman.

During the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, the company will provide International Television and Radio Signals for broadcasters from all over the world.

It will build and operate the International Broadcast Center and the necessary broadcast facilities in other venues, and provide services for the rights holding broadcasters during the Games.

More than four billion viewers and listeners are expected to enjoy the Olympic competition through TV and radio broadcasts.

The company, known as BOB, is financed jointly by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games and IOC Olympic Broadcasting Services.

It was officially established on September 6, 2004.


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