oracle 11g ctss 集群时间同步服务几个要点

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1. Cluster Time Synchronization Service (CTSS) is installed as part of Oracle Clusterware

2. runs in observer mode if it detects a time synchronization。 for example:etc/ntp.conf 

3. CTSS performs step time synchronization, which is to step the time, forward or backward, of the nodes joining the cluster to synchronize them with the reference.

4. reference clock (a time CTSS uses as a basis and is on the first node started in the cluster) 

5. if CTSS is running in active mode and the time discrepancy is outside the stepping limit (the limit is 24 hours), then CTSS generates an alert in the alert log, exits, and Oracle Clusterware startup fails. You must manually adjust the time of the nodes joining the cluster to synchronize with the cluster, after which Oracle Clusterware can start and CTSS can manage the time for the nodes.

6. When performing slew time synchronization, CTSS never runs time backward to synchronize with the reference clock.

7.  crsctl check ctss  &  cluvfy comp clocksync -n all  检查ctss 服务状态,是否存在第三方时间同步服务



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