a cute result from number theory

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There is a cute result from number theory that states that for sufficiently large n the product of 

the primes less than n is less than or equal to e**n and that as n grows, this becomes a tight 

bound (that is, the ratio of the product of the primes to e**n gets close to 1 as n grows). 

Computing a product of a large number of prime numbers can result in a very large number, 

which can potentially cause problems with our computation. So we can convert the product of a set of 

primes into a sum of the logarithms of the primes by applying logarithms to both parts of this 

conjecture.  In this case, the conjecture above reduces to the claim that the sum of the 

logarithms of all the primes less than n is less than n, and that as n grows, the ratio of this sum 

to n gets close to 1. 

(Product => sum of logarithms)

Prime Distance(二次筛素数)

Description The branch of mathematics called number theory is about properties of numbers. One ...
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