AIX Study之--AIX重新配置hd6

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AIX Study之--AIX重新配置hd6

系统环境 :AIX5.3.8

集群软件: CRS 10.2.0

Oracle 软件: Oracle 10g (

Reducing the size of hd6 paging space

The following example shows the steps involved in reducing the size of hd6 paging space from 160 MB to 120 MB.The steps in the following procedures are all necessary, even those not directly related to the hd6 paging space. The additional steps are needed because a paging space cannot be deactivated while the system is running

1. Create a temporary paging space on rootvg by executing the following command:

mkps -a -n -s 30 rootvg hdisk0

This command outputs the name of the paging space (paging00 if no others exist).

2. Use the following command to deactivate the hd6 paging spaces in preparation for the reboot later in the procedure:

chps -a n hd6

3. Change the paging space entry in the /sbin/rc.boot file from:

swapon /dev/hd6 to swapon /dev/paging00.


AIX Version 4.2.1 and later does not support reducing the size of hd6 below 32 MB or the system will not boot.

If you decide to reduce hd6, you must leave enough space for the software in rootvg. A rule of thumb for reducing hd6 paging space on systems prior to AIX 4.3.2 is to leave enough space to match physical memory. To find out the amount of physical memory, use the following command:

lsattr -E -l sys0 -a realmem

4. Run the following command to check the primary dump device designation:

# sysdumpdev -l

primary /dev/hd6

secondary /dev/sysdumpnull

copy directory /var/adm/ras

forced copy flag TRUE

always allow dump FALSE

5. If the primary dump device is hd6, change it to some other paging space. The following command shows how to change the primary dump device to paging00:

# sysdumpdev -P -p /dev/paging00

primary /dev/paging00

secondary /dev/sysdumpnull

copy directory /var/adm/ras

forced copy flag TRUE

always allow dump FALSE

6. Create a bootable image with the bosboot command for a hard disk image:

bosboot -d /dev/hdisk0 -a

7. Put the system key (if present) in the normal position and use the following command, which will both shutdown the operating system and reboot it:

shutdown -r

8. After the system reboots, remove the hd6 paging space:

rmps hd6

9. Create a new paging space logical volume of the size 120 MB for the hd6 paging space:

mklv -t paging -y hd6 rootvg 30

10.Use the lsps -a command to verify the reduced size of default paging space (hd6).

11.Change the primary dump device designation back to be the paging space hd6:

sysdumpdev -P -p /dev/hd6

12.Change the paging space entry in the /sbin/rc.boot file from

swapon /dev/paging00 to swapon /dev/hd6.

13.Create a bootable image with the bosboot command for a hard disk image:

bosboot -d /dev/hdisk0 -a

14.Execute the following command to make the new hd6 paging space automatically activated when the system reboots:

chps -a y hd6

15.Execute the following command to change the attribute of temporary paging space, paging00, so that it does not automatically activate after next reboot:

chps -a n paging00

16.Put the system key (if present) in the normal position and use the following command, to shutdown and reboot the system:

shutdown -r

17.After the system reboots, remove the temporary paging space:

rmps paging00

There is a simple way to decrease the hd6 in AIX 5L :

Reducing hd6 in AIX 5L Version 5.1

You can use the chps -d command to dynamically reduce the size of the primary paging space hd6. If you decrease the primary paging space, a temporary boot image and a temporary /sbin/rc.boot pointing to a temporary primary paging space will be created to make sure the system is always in a state where it can be safely rebooted.

Note: The chps -d command will prevent you from decreasing the size of hd6 below 32 MB or actually deleting it.

For more details , pls see the AIX pSeries System Support  redbook


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