rs 解码的一点资料

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.2 Decoder architecture

A general architecture for decoding Reed-Solomon codes is shown in the following diagram.

reed-solomon decoder (4219 bytes)


r(x) Received codeword
Si Syndromes
L(x) Error locator polynomial
Xi Error locations
Yi Error magnitudes
c(x) Recovered code word
v Number of errors

The received codeword r(x) is the original (transmitted) codeword c(x) plus errors:

r(x) = c(x) + e(x)

A Reed-Solomon decoder attempts to identify the position and magnitude of up to t errors (or 2t erasures) and to correct the errors or erasures.

Syndrome Calculation

This is a similar calculation to parity calculation. A Reed-Solomon codeword has 2t syndromes that depend only on errors (not on the transmitted code word). The syndromes can be calculated by substituting the 2t roots of the generator polynomial g(x) into r(x).

Finding the Symbol Error Locations

This involves solving simultaneous equations with t unknowns. Several fast algorithms are available to do this. These algorithms take advantage of the special matrix structure of Reed-Solomon codes and greatly reduce the computational effort required. In general two steps are involved:

Find an error locator polynomial

This can be done using the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm or Euclid’s algorithm. Euclid’s algorithm tends to be more widely used in practice because it is easier to implement: however, the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm tends to lead to more efficient hardware and software implementations.

Find the roots of this polynomial

This is done using the Chien search algorithm.

Finding the Symbol Error Values

Again, this involves solving simultaneous equations with t unknowns. A widely-used fast algorithm is the Forney algorithm.


13.2 RS编码和纠错算法 13.2.1. GF(2m)域 RS(Reed-Solomon)码在伽罗华域(Galois Field,GF)中运算的,因此在介绍RS码之前先简要介绍一下伽罗华域。 ...
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package hustspy; public class RSCode { private static final int MM = 8; private static final int ...
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//rs code //m=8 #include #include #include #define mm 8 /* RS code over GF(2**4) - ch...
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一. RS编码与译码原理        Turbo编码器是:并行级联卷积编码(PCCC,Parallel Concatenated ConvolutionalCode),它使用了两个8状...
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通信算法之二:信道编码译码 BCH码、RS码、卷积码、Turbo码、LDPC码

《源自网络,再整理》 1. 信道编码体制 1.1 Golay码 1954年,M.J.Golay发现了Golay码。 1.2 RM码 1954年,LS.Reed和D.E.Muller发现了Reed-M...
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rs 解码的一点资料

.2 Decoder architectureA general architecture for decoding Reed-Solomon codes is shown in the follow...
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import; import; import; import java...
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